The central server platform for managing your end-to-end Master TV IP video system

The Master TV AvediaServer is the central platform for managing your IP video and digital signage system. In one location you can: control all Master TV devices; set flexible record and play options; create viewing interfaces with ArtioPortal middleware; create and manage digital signage with ArtioSign and much more.

AvediaServer delivers the content viewers want, when they want it. Scheduled recording of live TV for later playback as well as providing Video on Demand are handled with ease. In addition, Catchup TV provides users with the convenience of up to 7 days playback directly via the Electronic Program Guide (EPG), so important programs are never missed.

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The AvediaServer can also import assets such as training videos and movies, which can be distributed as Video on Demand or as play channels, depending on viewers' needs. The AvediaServer viewing interface, ArtioPortal middleware, can be tailored for individuals or groups of viewers to match even the most demanding of organizational requirements, including the ability to customize and apply branding, within an easy to use, intuitive interface.

The content and user interface can be delivered across standard TVs, SmartTVs, computer screens, mobile devices and thin clients so users can select their preferred viewing device.

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AvediaServer Interface Image 360

AvediaServer Interface

AvediaServer Interface Image

AvediaServer Interface

A clean, fresh user interface which is both intuitive and engaging ensures the AvediaServer is easy to use. From the central control panel, you can easily manage your entire IPTV system, develop viewing portals and create digital signage.

Benefits of AvediaServer include:

  • Centralize control over all Master TV products, simplifying system maintenance
  • Efficiently manage the IPTV system, saving administrators time and effort
  • Monitor channels to ensure content is being successfully added to the network
  • Provide viewers with a library of video content to select and view
  • Deliver content to suit the viewer’s schedule, with Catchup TV and Video on Demand, providing a more convenient and personalized experience
  • Supports 4K, H.265 (HEVC), upload and streaming as a play channel or VoD
  • Centrally record channels which are automatically made available for playback and more
  • Back up content for peace of mind that nothing will be lost
  • Customize viewing interfaces with ArtioPortal Middleware
  • Create amd control the delivery of digital signage with ArtioSign

ArtioSign Create app on AvediaServer

Developing digital signage content is easy with the ArtioSign Create app. Using an instinctive drag-and-drop style interface, users have total flexibility over creating and editing digital signage screen layouts using any combination of elements, including text, images and video. In addition, elements can be layered to achieve the desired look and feel.

server managing video content
ArtioSign Control App on AvediaServer

ArtioSign Control app on AvediaServer

The AvediaServer gives full control over the publication of digital signage content created in ArtioSign.

  • View and group ArtioSign-enabled receivers and control the ScreenLists displayed on them
  • Manage the signage to be displayed, centrally or on the move via tablet
  • Upate displayed signage with a single action
  • Activate signage mode on the receivers
  • Ensure secure content transfer with Secure FTP


Projector Control app on AvediaServer

The AvediaServer Projector Control app enables communication with a single projector or a group of projectors, via a serial connection from Master TV r9300 receivers on your IP network. Control extends to switching the projector on/off when required, as well as changing the displayed content. You can also monitor bulb and filter life remotely via the app.

Projector Control App 360

Choose the AvediaServer for your needs from the tables below.

FunctionsSystem management and controlArtioPortal middleware (customizable user interface controls)Catchup TV, Video on Demand, Recording, Content Storage and Playback
AvediaServer m7100 Director    
AvediaServer m7200 Producer  
AvediaServer m7300 Creator


   Core Software Modules Bandwidth Options Hard Disk RAID Options
    RAID 5 RAID 6
Director Producer Creator 100 Mbs 200 Mbps 500 Mbps 4TB 8TB 14TB 24TB

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