MasterStream Origin Server

Easily distribute video content to any device across LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi and the Internet

Origin Server

The dynamic MasterStream Origin Server enables organizations to effortlessly deliver video content to even more screen types across a wider range of networks. A fully scalable solution to distribute enterprise IP video across LAN, Wi-Fi, WAN and the internet, the MasterStream Origin Server is our most flexible content distribution tool yet. 

The MasterStream Origin Server can simultaneously provide streams suitable for every type of screen, enabling end users to select their screen of choice. This makes it the premier content delivery platform for organizations wishing to view content on multiple screen and network types.


products origin server
products Origin Server
Delivery of live content to mobile devices is hassle-free. Adaptive bit rate streams can be created with ease, giving mobile devices the option to choose the stream that best matches the bandwidth available to them. This ensures that end users are kept up to date and entertained, on their preferred device, wherever they are.

The MasterStream Origin Server works seamlessly with the MasterStream t5300/t5600 Transcoder and MasterPortal Middleware to create a powerful, customized streaming solution.

Benefits of MasterStream Origin Server:

  • Real-time delivery of video and audio content to all screen/network types
  • Extend the reach of enterprise IP video by distributing audiovisual content to numerous mobile devices
  • Enable users of mobile devices to seamlessly integrate with the IPTV ecosystem

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