MasterStream TVgateways

Stream hundreds of live TV and radio channels throughout your organization over your IP network

MasterStream TVgateways capture live digital TV and radio from any terrestrial, satellite or cable source and stream it directly across an IP network. TVgateways supply multiple channels at any resolution, including 4K, from a single blade, delivering low cost and power consumption per channel.

product tv gateway
product tv gateway input

Master Digital Media TVgateways provide high density and extended functionality. A single TVgateway blade can deliver all UK Freeview channels from eight different multiplexes.

Benefits of Master Digital Media TVgateways include:

  • Support the widest range of digital TV standards: DVB-T/T2, DVB-C/C2, DVB-S/S2, ATSC, Clear QAM, ASI
  • IP multicast streaming enables delivery to an unlimited number of end points
  • Support 4K/Ultra HD/HEVC broadcast streams
  • Deliver complete content protection to help match broadcaster or security requirements.
  • De-scramble encrypted content using standard Conditional Access Modules (CAMs)
  • Hassle free, intuitive setup and an easy to manage web interface offer extensive control and monitoring
  • Blade into Chassis design provides a highly reliable modular solution with 'Hot Swapping' ability
  • Reliable and energy efficient power consumption per channel

Please note that AvediaStream TVgateway blades must be installed in an AvediaStream Chassis.

Deliver Content Securely

Broadcasters, media operators and organizations need to safeguard content streamed via their enterprise IP video system and protect the material from illegal copying and distribution. Master Digital Media solutions can ensure complete system wide content protection with built in SecureMedia® or Samsung LYNKTM encryption.

Download the Master Digital Media Secure Video brochure here.

Choose the AvediaStream TVgateway(s) for your needs from the table below.

Clear QAM                    
Encrypted QAM                      
Content Protection         Secure Media®  Samsung LYNK™ DRM Verimatrix          
Tuners 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 8 2 2 8 6-60
card slots
      2 2 2 2     2   1-10

Not sure what some of these acronyms mean? Look them up here.

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