IP Video and Digital Signage Solutions for Entertainment

Provide a premium IP video entertainment experience that captivates your audience

Master Digital Media IP solutions enable you to engage and entertain guests, visitors and staff by distributing a wide range of TV and video channels to any device across a wide range of networks, including the corporate LAN and Wi-Fi.

Organizations ranging from entertainment venues to student accommodation, sports stadiums hotels and hospitals can easily offer a dynamic mix of live TV and video feeds, video-on-demand and information that provides a premium experience for all viewers.

IP video for entertainment - corporate

Use an Master Digital Media Entertainment solution to:

  • Create a personalized TV and video experience for viewers to enjoy on their preferred device
  • Offer enhanced video services to increase viewer engagement and loyalty
  • Manage all screens from a single point to maintain the best viewer experience
  • Provide a platform to monetize premium content
  • Integrate with Property Management Systems to offer enhanced in-room hospitality services, such as bill payment, on-demand movie charges and room service
  • Create a home away from home experience for ship crews, military camps and other remote worker accommodation, such as oil rigs and mines
  • Integrate with Public Address and General Alarm (PAGA) systems in hazardous environments, including oil rigs, mines and ships
IP video entertainment solution

Flexible, scalable and customized

Master Digital Media systems are scalable, so they can fit any size of installation or number of devices. And you can easily customize the look and feel of the viewing interface, integrating facility branding to meet your organization’s specific requirements.

Seamless integration with complementary technologies, such as our digital signage system, enables you to deliver a complete, feature-rich solution, including: ability to design full or multi-zoned screens with live streaming video or video files; display RSS news feeds and scrolling text; include support for image playlists and Time-of-Day (i.e., day-parting) scheduling; automatic playback of digital signage messaging.


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