Secure IP Video Solutions

Safeguard premium video with end-to-end content protection

With the proliferation of TV and video, organizations need to ensure that they are accessing and distributing content legally and adhering to copy protection and anti-piracy regulations. For their side, broadcasters, media operators and content providers also need to be 100% confident that their content is fully protected as it is distributed into, throughout and beyond businesses across multiple channels and devices.

secure video management

Master Digital Media has integrated advanced conditional access controls so that only those with the right to view certain content can do so. Built-in Digital Rights Management (DRM) and security technologies ensure that you meet the increasingly stringent content protection demands of broadcasters and other content owners. The combination of these technologies ensures that premium video and TV content is secure throughout its journey.

Use an Master Digital Media Secure Video solution to:

  • Ensure enterprise compliance with broadcaster security requirements for delivery of premium content over IP
  • Ensure that only select people can see specific video content
  • Protect video from illegal copying and distribution
  • Benefit from peace of mind, knowing that all streamed content is fully protected and compliant
secure video management

Adhere to the most secure content protection standard

Master Digital Media IP video products are manufactured to meet exacting digital content protection requirements. Because of this, Master Digital Media are one of the only companies that can legitimately encode and stream directly from an HDMI video source. By embedding HDCPv2 technology, the international standard for content protection, we secure video distribution across an IP network, from source to display.

This applies to set-top box or other HDCP-protected content and means that you can confidently stream high quality content, safe in the knowledge that your solution is truly secure and compliant with the HDCPv2 standard.

Comply with Digital Rights Management and enable Conditional Access

Together with our technology partners, Arris SECUREMEDIA®, Samsung LYNK DRM and Verimatrix, Master Digital Media systems offer Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection to meet the security requirements of leading broadcasters.

Master Digital Media can descramble encrypted content using standard Conditional Access Modules (CAMs) to securely distribute content from multiple satellite sources simultaneously before streaming across the IP network.

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