IP video and digital signage solutions for Training and Education

Deliver video-based training, learning and entertainment materials

From global business to college campus, finding new ways to develop staff or engage students is key to staying ahead of the competition. Master Digital Media provide solutions that deliver video-based learning materials, live and on-demand, wherever there is a network connection.

Our solutions are used to distribute recorded training modules, lectures and seminars, foreign language television programs and industry-specific learning programs to organizations and educational establishments across the globe.

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Training materials can be consumed live or on-demand, either in a classroom or training environment, remotely, or on mobile devices at a time suitable to the learner.

Use an Master Digital Media Training & Entertainment Solution in Education to:

  • Record & distribute video-based course materials
  • Stream live events and lectures across campus, into over-spill rooms, to mobile devices and remote students
  • Enhance accommodation appeal by providing students with campus-wide TV entertainment
  • Attract students who prefer video-based learning

Use Master Digital Media Training & Education Solutions in Business to:

  • Equip employees to do their job and help maintain a competitive advantage
  • Meet the challenges of providing training materials and development opportunities to remote staff
  • Improve employee engagement, loyalty and retention by offering opportunities for ongoing learning and development
  • Disseminate training more efficiently on a global scale
  • Provide a platform to monetize premium content
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Seamless integration with complementary technologies, such as our digital signage system, enables you to deliver a complete, feature-rich solution, including: ability to design full or multi-zoned screens with live streaming video or video files; display RSS news feeds and scrolling text; include support for image playlists and Time-of-Day (i.e., day-parting) scheduling; automatic playback of digital signage messaging.


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